When do you need an Armed Guards and Unarmed Security?

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One of the most common in determining the need for unarmed security services or those of armed guards, and it is a question that is getting more difficult to answer. The truth is most people have little knowledge about private security services, so it is best to count on professionals who possess years of experience and expertise in the field. To learn more about what it takes to answer this question, discussed below are some important factors to consider:

Type of Setting

When trying to decide between having an unarmed security guard or one who is armed, it is best to consider the type of setting where they will be assigned. For instance, if you need security for special occasions such as football games, concerts, or outdoor festivals, unarmed guards generally perform well in these situations. Since the main objective of security in these settings involves crowd control, bag searches, and access control, unarmed security is needed here. However, if you need security services for industrial facilities, financial institutions, museums, or other facilities where large amounts of money or other valuables are kept, it is often best to enlist the services of armed guards on the premises.

Threat Assessment

Before deciding if you are in need of an armed or unarmed security officer, it is smart to have a threat assessment analyzed by security experts, such as those at Ranger security agency. For instance, if you manage a residential apartment complex that has had past problems with vandalism, break-ins, and assaults, it’s advisable to use armed guards on these assignments. By doing so, the guards can not only patrol the grounds on a regular basis but also have the specialized training needed in case the situation turns violent. At Ranger security agency, we take threat assessments very seriously, and we would work hard to ensure we recommend exactly what is needed for your particular situation.

VIP Protection

While unarmed security guard duties often concentrate on maintaining crowd control, conducting bag searches and patrols of a building and its grounds, armed guards are often looked upon to provide highly specialized services, such as VIP Protection. In these unique private security situations, armed guards will be directly responsible for the safety of such people like politicians, celebrities, pro athletes, dignitaries, and other prominent individuals having a very high profile in the world.

Patrol Services

Depending upon the area an officer will be patrolling, it will be necessary to determine if unarmed or armed guards will be perfect. If an officer will be patrolling high-risk areas that have histories of criminal activity, having them armed is necessary.

Unfortunately, it has become more and more difficult to know when armed or unarmed security officers will be needed. With uncountable acts of violence now taking place at stores, events, schools, and business environments, many people would argue that armed guards are needed virtually everywhere. However, it is always best to work with professionals who can carefully and objectively assess your individual situation. 

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