What to Look For in Concierge Security Guards Near Fort Worth, TX?

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It’s all about quality when it comes to concierge security. Customer connection is critical, unlike in a parking lot or on a mobile patrol. Your officer must be well-dressed, friendly, and knowledgeable. They must be up to date on your building’s specific policies. They must also be able to identify the identities and faces of those who live and work in the building. Front desk officers must also engage in courteous small talk with building occupants and office staff.

A good security concierge should be able to perform the functions of both a receptionist and a security officer. This necessitates a strong grasp of communication, a dedication to presenting perfection, and a higher level of situational awareness.

Access Management

Typically, concierge security is located at the building’s front desk, near the entrance. The major duty of access control in most office buildings is performed by one or more guards at the front desk. Employees that work on a regular basis will usually have an access card that they scan.

Security may be required to accompany someone out of the building on occasion, for as after a contentious termination. In these rare circumstances, our staff has the sensitivity and skill to remove the individual discreetly and effectively with minimal disruption.

Services of a Concierge

Some larger facilities offer a checking area where guards can check bags in and out for visitors. Others may allow packages to be delivered. Not all inquiries to a location come from people walking by. Many concierge security agents are also in charge of a location’s phone lines or email address. Officers in this position should be taught proper telephone etiquette. Our security guard guarantees that all concierge officers are equipped to handle customer service aspects of their work with the same rigor as their security duties.

In An Emergency

Concierge security officers are security first and concierge second. In the event of an emergency, the security console will be converted into a command and control center to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. They will be in charge of any evacuations that are required.
It’s all about having peace of mind when it comes to security. You may relax knowing that our Guard is looking after your concierge security. Ranger Guard’s experienced, courteous crew will not only provide top-notch protection but will also protect your brand and reputation.