Unarmed Security Services in Houston, Texas

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Uncategorized

More often than not, armed security officers can attract negative attention when it comes to certain people. Let’s face it, armed security officers don’t have the best reputation around the United States nowadays, so it’s also understandable how most businesses and corporations wouldn’t want the presence of any armed security officers on their premises. Although, having security officers on your premises will surely improve the security of your area, especially if you are based in such a big city as Houston, Texas.

Is there any way for business owners to hire security officers without attracting any negative attention?

Luckily, there are various security companies that offer the services of unarmed security officers. We at Ranger Security Agency also provide this service to the clients who might need them. Yes, you can hire unarmed security officers, and sometimes, this is the best decision that most business owners can ever make!

Whether your business is large-scale or small-scale, the presence of unarmed security officers can be the perfect solution to most of your security troubles. Yes, they are unarmed, but these officers are also trained to resolve conflict, handle first aid, and so much more! These are officers who are more than qualified to protect the people that they were hired to protect.

There are three main advantages to hiring an unarmed security officer:

1. The comfort and safety of you and your employees will increase.

More often than not, the presence of firearms can make people a bit uneasy. So it’s best to hire unarmed security officers in your business. Not only will it make you feel more comfortable, but you’re also adding to the safety of you and your employees.

2. It’s not that expensive.

Not many people know that having unarmed security officers can be a bit cheaper than hiring armed officers. Usually, you’d have to pay for the firearms that the armed security officers need, but since unarmed security officers don’t need to carry firearms, then that’s one less thing to pay for! So just think about it.

3. They provide rapid response.

In the face of an emergency, unarmed security officers can provide rapid response since they’re already on the scene. They can also offer an excellent de-escalation service if they’re trained really well, so it’s also best to know how well-trained are the unarmed security officers you will be hiring.

We at Ranger Security Agency provide the services of unarmed security officers to different people and businesses around Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. We’d be more than happy to guide and walk you through the process of hiring unarmed security officers here in Texas. All you have to do is call us at Ranger Security Agency to schedule an appointment!