Security Services and Crime Prevention

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There are lots of ways on how you can protect your property to prevent untoward incidents and criminal activity from happening. You can use security systems all over the premises but one thing for sure you need is the presence of security personnel.

Security service officers are hired to serve and protect the people in the spaces they are employed. They are bound to protect, but how do they deter crimes?

Security by Physical Presence

One of the most notable effects of having security service personnel is their physical security presence. Their appearance alone within the premises – especially armed security guards is an effective way to dissuade criminals. They are less likely to target a business where a uniformed guard is stationed.

Observation, Inspection, and Monitoring

Security officers are trained in the field of observation and monitoring. They are tasked to perform either preventive measures or proactive surveillance, in some cases both. 

Security officers implementing preventive measures may monitor CCTVs and surveillance videos, inspect bags, enforce access control, or make sure only authorized personnel is granted entry to restricted areas. 

On the other hand, in proactive security, officers monitor and inspect the vicinity to check for possible suspicious behavior and report problems identified

Crime and Incident Handling

Reporting and dealing with security-related incidents are some of the security officers’ primary duties alongside observation and monitoring. Security officers are highly trained in various situations and are knowledgeable about how to act and respond to crimes and emergencies.

They report to authorities and provide feedback on the situation. They work together with the authorities to ensure proper law enforcement and security within the area of jurisdiction.

Security Services in Texas

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