Important Roles of an Armed Security Officer

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

Now that crime rates are on the increase in society, someone should be assigned to take care of our security, and that’s where an armed security officer comes in!

It is a hard decision to enlist the services of security officers to keep a regular check on our property and loved ones because we have no idea of how loyal and reliable they are. When you need an Armed Security Officer in your house or your office, the first thing you need to do is trust them for their loyalty and honesty.

Unarmed or Armed Security officers are under a pledge to not tarnish their image and this fosters reliability of their services. They cannot misuse their power against the public until they have a reason permitted by their service guidelines.

These are the duties of an Armed Security Officer when on duty:

Availability: Security officers are hired to provide security to residents. It is their responsibility to handle every unfavorable condition and provide security solutions. The first and foremost duty of a security officer is to be available for every person in their care, keeping selfishness aside.

Proactivity. A security officer must be active and responsive where needed, especially at night. Security Officers are trained to be alert and mix their intuition with experience to confront any unusual activities happening around them. The most essential and critical area is for the officer to be alert every minute while on duty.

Responsibility. Being stuck on a situation or an unusual sight might not go well for the officer, as well as the property he is securing. They need to be quick in response to strange happenings and be responsible enough to save the property and people the moment they feel some unlikely situation may occur.

Observation skills. Armed security guards aren’t trained to use their guns and weapons until the situation becomes unbearable. They pull out guns only for self-defense or to terrorize criminals. To avoid any such situations where violence could begin, they need to be good at observing unfamiliar situations and act accordingly.

Immediate call for help. If they realize an unlikely situation surrounds them and they have no escape plan, instead of panicking they need to be quick thinking and call for higher help immediately. This prevents any violence or bloodbath, which is entirely against the law.

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