Common Causes of Fires at Construction Sites in Austin, TX

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Uncategorized

Accidents happen, and they are sometimes impossible to explain. Unfortunately, construction sites in Austin are not any different. The causes of these fires are diverse. However, it helps to understand possible triggers of fires in construction sites if you are to provide better security and prevent reoccurrence. Below are a few common causes of fires at most construction sites.

  1. Careless Handling of Flammable Materials

The fact that flammable materials are lying around a construction site means a lot of risk of fire outbreaks. It is important for those managing these sites to ensure that such materials are stored carefully. Combustible materials should be considered hazardous and put away from areas where they can catch fire easily. Keeping the site clear and having designated areas for waste disposal can help with this.

  1. Insufficient Fire Protection Measures

Sometimes fire outbreaks at construction sites are accidental and could be triggered by several factors. Top on this list is that workers and other on-site people could not be fully trained to handle fires. It is also possible to have poor flammable material storage, fewer extinguishers on site and blocked evacuation routes. 

All these play an important role in ensuring that fire outbreaks and accidents end up being more devastating than they should. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that all on-site workers are properly trained in handling fires.

  1. Possibility of Arson

Unfortunately, there may be malicious people who are out to cause damage to construction sites because of their selfish interests. They may decide to put such sites on fire to wreak havoc. This is a criminal activity that can be prevented by increased vigilance. It is advisable to have security guards around to patrol and keep watch of such suspicious characters. The guards can save the situation before things get out of hand.

  1. Power Faults

Sometimes, electrical faults can cause fire outbreaks on construction sites. While this is often purely accidental, it can be controlled by ensuring someone manages the site. Close monitoring of each construction site area can help detect such problems and contain them promptly. Partnering with a security service provider to install cameras and have guards monitoring each section of the site could help with this.

  1. Cooking Accidents

Workers will certainly take breaks from work to eat and relax before resuming. You can allow them to eat from the site’s vicinity. However, you ought to be careful not to let them cook in the area because of the combustible material. You never know when fire from the cooking fuel can spread and cause serious damage and injuries.

It is possible to respond to fire accidents quickly if you have the right support team. Security guards are always on high alert and will easily notice when a fire breaks out. Most of those in Austin, TX, also get properly trained and will be instrumental in handling the situation without panic.