Benefits of Hiring Security Guards for your business in Austin, TX

by | Mar 9, 2024 | Uncategorized

Businesses spread across Austin and even the entirety of Texas are now considering hiring security guards for protection of customers, employees and assets. Security Guards can prevent crime before it even occurs, they can help you maintain security during emergency situations and can also assist your client and staff. We at Ranger Security Agency are here to talk about some the benefits of hiring security guards for your business in Austin, TX:

Crime Deterrence at Workplace

Businesses bear the brunt when it comes to crimes such as vandalism, thefts and assaults. These crimes tend to happen at places of business. As a businessman, one needs to consider the negative impact it could have on the reputation of your organization. 

It has been revealed through several studies that the mere presence of guards at your place of business can help in deterring criminals. Some studies have also come out with numbers such as hiring security guards can reduce victim-generated crimes by 16%. These numbers speak for themselves and are a good reason for you to consider having a professional. 

Do not think that the presence of security guards can only act as a visual deterrent to crimes. Instead, professionals provided by us are also skilled at detecting suspicious activity and preventing crime before it has even happened. Crime prevention is at the heart of the skillset of private security guards. Also, imagine a situation where a crime does manage to take place. The security guards are skilled at coordinating with the police and law enforcement to find clues, identify suspects and solve the case. Therefore, even in dire conditions, they can save your business a lot of loss.

Constant monitoring of business premises

You must have heard the adage: prevention is better than cure. A professional is always on the lookout for the best ways to deter crime. It can only be achieved by identifying potential security risks. An analysis needs to be carried out to find out the potential risks of your business premises. 

We will give you an example: retail shops will use video surveillance to look for shoplifting. Factories and warehouses are more at risk during the wee hours of the night and camera surveillance is always the best option. Not only this, security cameras can also be used to monitor employees, find out contraband or any safety risks. 

Moreover, if the private security company is already on your property, then it means that the response time in case of an emergency is greatly reduced. Further, the professional security guards are trained in taking care of an emergency situation. This includes things such as calming people down, giving someone first aid or CPR or trying to apprehend any suspects. If you have also signed up for armed security, then the personnel can also use their weapons to handle the situation if the need arises.

Improved Reputation in Customer Service and Business 

One of the most basic things that you can offer to your clients as a business is security. In every business, the question of optics is always present. When people see a security team in place, it gives a good image of your brand. It leads to better interactions with your clients and ensures a relationship is built on trust and loyalty. 

Keep in mind that the job of a security guard is not meant to be scary. If you hire a professional, they can act as perfect customer service ambassadors. They are trained and capable of performing several roles while ensuring the safety of your clients. Wherever you place your security guard: at the front desk, as an escort, retail stores, they may be the first person that your clients talk to. Therefore, having a professional with a good demeanor means a whole lot and it will mean a lot for your business image.

Peace of Mind

Running a business is a herculean task and we understand and acknowledge that. There are various factors that a businessman needs to consider to ensure a smooth running. Their minds cannot be bogged down to consider whether there is adequate security. At high-risk facilities and divisions, the risks are even more. Suppose you are running a high-end jewelry store, you need to ensure that your customers are getting the right message. 

When you are running a full service security system, employee retention is also bound to go up. This is because your employees can see that their management cares for them and in order to run a smooth business, this needs to be understood. Not only this, when you feel that your most precious assets are in safe hands, you and your team can focus on things that actually matter. These things will actually determine how people perceive your business concern and will help in making a reliable customer base.


Any sound businessman will be able to see the words of wisdom in this article. Your business is your lifeline and you cannot put your life in unsafe hands. We at Ranger Security Agency pride ourselves in providing the best professional security services to our clients in Austin, Texas. Our staff is trained in unarmed and armed security skills. They are vigilant and can help protect your assets in the most reliable way possible. 

We also ensure that crime is prevented before it even takes place. Also, we understand the nature of our presence. Our personnel are not only trained in handling security breaches but also emergency situations. Situations such as earthquakes, fire accidents also tend to cause a lot of damage to a business concern. However, most of this damage can be mitigated by the presence of competent security personnel.