7 Reasons to hire a security guard for your business in Austin, TX

by | Mar 13, 2024 | Uncategorized

People do not really think about hiring security for their business. They are under the impression that they live in a quiet neighborhood where nothing goes wrong. However, there are many examples out there which proves otherwise. These illuminate the point that you can never be too careful. We at Ranger Security Agency in Austin can help protect your business and its assets, while ensuring that your costs stay minimal. 

One should realize that we live in a world where disaster and tragedy do not strike with an invitation. When something like that happens, a qualified and experienced security personnel can make the difference between immense loss and unmitigated disaster. 

We are here to talk about some of the benefits that hiring a security personnel can get you:

Reducing Liabilities

People always wonder whether they can hire and train their own security. Well, yes you can but you also need to understand the risks associated with that. If you do end up hiring and training, then your business becomes entirely liable for what they do. Now, any prudent businessman can understand that this is never a good idea. However, when you hire a security agency, then the security personnel becomes covered by the agency’s insurance. 

This is not to say that every security company does this. Most of them will not invest in armed guards as they cost more. Further, they will also tell their officers to not interfere in a situation to limit their own insurance costs.

Saving Money

If you do end up training and hiring your own security force, then it means that you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to achieve the same. And this does not include the time and infrastructure that you need to invest in order to achieve these results. Therefore, most companies tend to go for contracted security agencies. The professionals are provided by us and they have had the requisite experience and undergone several background checks. Many of our personnel have accolades and possess the skills to protect your business.


The problems associated with managing security personnel cannot be your headache. You cannot spend your time wondering about the scheduling of the personnel and HR issues. What if you want to increase the security detail or perhaps reduce it? If you end up hiring a contractor,  it will ensure that all of these things can be streamlined. One phone call or email can take care of everything. If a personnel becomes ill during the job, then the company will ensure that you get a replacement within a few hours. That is the job of a security agency.

Improvement in Image

As soon as you walk into buildings, you will see security guards. However, most of these security guards do not seem to inspire confidence. This is the problem that needs to be addressed first. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you select the right partner who can provide you with personnel who look the part. The security guard needs to be firm yet polite and should possess excellent communication skills. They should ensure that the person who walks into your business feels comfortable and any person who has ill-intentions is automatically stopped in their tracks.

Focus on important things

As a businessman, the last thing that should cross your mind is worrying about security. The focus of a businessman should always be geared towards providing the best products and services. The goal is to make your clients happy and workers appreciated. 

This also means that you should have the peace of mind that your clients, workers and assets feel safe. However, you will only get to feel this peace of mind when you hire a professional. Security is not something that every person can provide, it is something that requires years of training and experience.

Monitoring areas

There are businesses who invest in expensive surveillance and CCTV systems. However, these systems do not yield much if there is not a trained person who can observe the same. Trained security guards and personnel have the knowledge to preempt a crime. 

They do this by observing any suspicious activity and are able to put a stop to the crime before it even takes place. It is also worth mentioning that security guards are not just there to stop crime. They are also quite helpful when it comes to emergency situations and are able to better respond to it. 

Suppose a fire breaks out, a security personnel can ensure that the valuables and people are rescued. Further, they can also coordinate with the emergency response team to ensure that the damage is mitigated.

Providing a deterrence

Everyone understands that security measures are sometimes not taken seriously. This only happens when the least amount of thought goes into securing. It does not matter what kind of a badge a person is wearing or the uniform they are donning, professionalism is the key. You can give a person unlimited resources but they will not be able to stop a disaster. 

When it comes to stopping crime, being an easy target is the worst image you can exude. Most criminals would want to exercise the path of least resistance and if they spot an easy pick, they will exercise it. However, an experienced guard makes it harder for the criminal to act. The minute they see an attentive and well-trained person, it is enough to stop them in their tracks.


Over here we have not only talked about the advantages of a security firm, but also what makes a good security agency. If an agency is cutting back on any of these, then it is not worth your time. If you are a person who is looking to secure their business in Austin, Texas, then consider hiring the Ranger Security Agency. Click here to contact us and we will be able to offer you the peace of mind a businessman deserves.