24/7 Security Guards for Gated Communities

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What would you choose? Having a house on a street or a house in a gated community? We assume your answer is living in a gated community. Well, gated communities are known for the kind of amenities they offer but there’s one more thing that makes them more favorable-its security. 

Gated communities are always guarded by security officials at the main gates as well as inside the community. The presence of these officials assures the residents that they live in a safe environment. However, there are still a few mistakes the property managers make in terms of security. 

Common Mistakes Made by Gated Community Managers

These loopholes are mentioned targeting the security of the gated communities and how are the residents at risk. 

  1. Unable to identify security threats 

The managers often simply hire guards for the gates. Whereas, what they should be doing is consulting professional private security agencies for better threat analysis. If the threats are understood well, security can be arranged accordingly. 

  1. Unclear roles and responsibilities 

The manager should be clear with assigning roles and responsibilities to each member of the security team and other staff. This way, the work can be divided well and people can be held liable in case of any mishappenings. 

  1. Limiting conversations between residents and security 

This blocks the direct chain of communication and leads to misunderstandings and confusion. Thus, the residents should be allowed to communicate directly with the security personnel and suggest the required safety needs. 

  1. Ignoring closed gates and other possible entry points 

Closed gates are often left unguarded. This becomes easy access for burglars and vandals. Hence, the manager should appoint at least one security personnel to guard closed gates and other possible entry points. 

  1. Not hiring 24/7 security guards

Gated communities are known for their absolute security and not having 24/7 security guards does just the opposite. These communities are home to many and therefore, need to be protected throughout the day and at night. 

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