Houston Retail Security Guards

If you are looking for retail security guards in Houston, Texas, or loss prevention officers, then Ranger Security Agency should be your first call! Retail security guards or loss prevention officers are the perfect way to ensure that your stock is safe at all times and will be able to identify any potential troublemakers or shoplifters quickly. 

Our retail security guards are thoroughly trained, experienced, insured, and licensed to provide premium retail security and loss prevention services to retail businesses throughout Houston, Texas. 

Some of the duties of retail security guards include: 

Retail Security Guards

Monitoring Shoppers for Potential Security Threats 

Retail security guards will be able to monitor traffic entering and exiting the premises and look for any potential security threats before they become an issue.

Retail Security Guards

Apprehending Shoplifters

If someone is caught shoplifting or stealing in the store, your retail security guards are trained to apprehend them and hand them over to the police for prosecution in the correct way, removing the need for your staff to intervene and put their health and safety at risk.

Retail Security Guards

Evaluating Security Threats

A trained and experienced retail security guard will be able to identify any potential security gaps and advise you on how you can correct them to make your retail business safer for employees and more secure. 

Retail Security Guards

Creating Loss Prevention Strategies, Policies, And Procedures

Your retail security guards can help create loss prevention strategies, procedures, and policies so that your employees are all aware of the correct way to react and handle any security situation.

Ranger Security Agency is your number one choice for security guards in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. You can contact Ranger Security Agency 24/7 via the phone at (713) 257-9996 or visit the contact us page on the website. For professional uniformed security guards that you and your business can rely on, don’t hesitate to call Ranger Security Services in Houston, Texas.