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Our Story

Whether you are a business or a residential facility, facing losses due to a lack of security is expected. Moreover, Crime is rising, and we must be headstrong to tackle the problems. Therefore, we are here to provide you with Security Guard Services in Amarillo Texas.

But, why would you choose us?

Well, because our operations are on twin principles of honesty and trust. Furthermore, our performance will be apparent from the first week when you give us the reins of security. So, We are not here to give you unrealistic goals but promise that you shall never suffer any losses due to security loopholes.

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What makes Ranger Security better?

Every company calls itself the best. Numerous security guard companies offer their solutions to the people of Amarillo. However, their approach proves to be fallacious due to a lack of expertise. Besides, they tend to promise you stars but deliver almost nothing.

You have to understand that the matter of security is no small concern. There cannot be a one-size-fits-none approach to security. Additionally, Every building and business is different and requires a custom approach to handle its needs.

In fact, the approach to security cannot be overly complex. Most companies tend to offer a bloated and complex approach by installing security cameras and guards where it is not needed. Eventually, the number of guards or cameras does not guarantee the security of an establishment. So, you may ask, what is different in our way of approaching things?

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Our Approach

We are not here to recruit you as our clients. Moreover, our approach is to be a part of your business. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of our approach:

• The first thing that we do is to undertake a thorough survey of your premises.
• We identify any loopholes, strategies, and plans which can be applied in your building.
• Then we create a security map!

The idea is strategically to place security detail to deter people from committing the crime. Our officers are highly trained in handling patrol and vigilance. We install cameras and alarms in areas that offer vulnerability.

Ranger Security Agency

Our security guards are skillful in handling matters of emergency. They coordinate with the local law enforcement and assist in taking care of emergencies. Besides, these guards are friendly and offer support to our clients whenever and wherever they require it. Other services include:

24x7 Customer Service

Affordable prices

Trained Guards

Tested Security Solutions

Business, home and personal protection

Personalized Approach