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Security guards perform several duties like patrolling the premises, monitoring cameras, doing inspection of blocks, and checking people before letting them enter the property. When it comes to hospital guards, they require a different sort of training to do their jobs. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the guards are trained in a way that enables them to do their job efficiently and in a calm manner.

We all know that hospitals have visitors who come there daily, so it becomes the job of the guard to ensure total safety to the visitors and the staff. Often we see news pieces where the people in a hospital get into a skirmish with the staff after they hear bad news. However, this is not entirely their fault. Some people are not just prepared to hear about the loss of a loved one. Therefore, the security needs to be sensitized towards their issues and must try to cajole them in a calm manner.

Furthermore, it is also the duty of security guards to ensure that visitors don’t enter restricted areas. Guards do this by checking their credentials before letting them enter. Guards also protect and safeguard areas where no one is given access except the staff of the hospital.


We all are aware that hospitals have a lot of important and costly equipment. These equipment are so important as they are customized according to the needs of the hospital. Hence, it is very necessary to always take care of these by keeping a check on them. And guards do the same, every day.

Also, their job is to constantly keep a check on the security cameras so that they can be one step ahead at all times. Monitoring the cameras is important because it helps the security gauge a potential attack even before it starts.

Guards not only protect the property or the goods inside it but also act as the first line of interaction between the visitor and the hospital. Hence, they are required to be expressive and have good communication skills. The guard is expected to be polite to everyone belonging to different spectra of the society to ensure that everyone gets equal treatment.


The job of a security guard in a hospital is multi-faceted as they are expected to do many jobs. From customer relations to providing safety, guards are expected to perform all the duties in a hospital so that the visitors and staff feel safe.

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