Fire Watch Security Guard Service In Austin, TX

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

Fire Watch is an important part of security when it comes to buildings, which are under construction. Most building codes and insurance require that a fire watch officer shall be posted for a multi-storied building or a commercial complex when fire systems are unavailable. Now, this can happen when the building is being constructed or the fire systems are unserviceable.

How does Fire Watch help you?
Fires can break out anywhere due to a plethora of reasons. This can lead to huge losses to property and life. In order to prevent this, people hire fire watch officers whose entire job is to be vigilant for fires. Whenever any “hot work” is happening at a place or factories, which produce/deal with flammable substances, there is a huge chance of fires.

These officers are specially trained with facilities and procedures to deal with such situations. Keep in mind that you should be mindful while hiring a fire watch officer as this is a position, which warrants a lot of responsibility. These officers are not permitted to perform any other duties while being the fire watch commander.

Response Time
A lot of fire damage can be mitigated if it is addressed in a timely manner. A trained fire watch security guard can help to speed up the response time and prevent a lot of damage.

Reduce fire responsibilities
We understand that a fire does not break out every now and then. But, when it does, it leads to a lot of problems and causes irreparable damage. When you hire a fire watch officer, you shift the responsibility of watching out for fires to an expert. This is a person who knows what steps to take in case of a fire and is specially trained in handling fire damage.

24×7 Fire watch protection
The fire watch officer needs to be on duty 24×7 till the building has been brought up to the fire code. The officer keeps a constant vigil on the parts of the property. They also conduct a survey of the area and try to identify weak spots in the building. These weak spots are places, which have higher chances of catching fire and hence, extra attention. We strongly urge that you hire fire watch security officers to prevent any unforeseen damage to your dream building project.

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